Your safe keeps your valuables safe but you have to consider some accessories in order to achieve a better experience.

Outside safe accessories:

– We recommend having good lighting around. It is more important when you have a video camera (or a hidden camera) recording activity around.
– If you decided to buy a small safe it is important to anchor it or to secure it using a security cable.

Inside your safe accessories:

– One major problem with the inside of a safe is humidity and corrosion.
There are many options to overcome the problem such as dehumidifiers, moisture elimination packets and silica gel cans. A nice option to know the humidity degree is having a wireless hygrometer.
– There are many solutions to keep your valuables organized depending on your needs.
These are Velcro holsters, pistol kits/racks, rifle rods, jewelry cases, door organizers and document holders.

Concerning documents safety there are options like fireproof and fire resistant document bags, and waterproof document bags as well.

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