Diversion and Can

Diversion and can safes are everyday objects with a secret compartment where you can hide valuable items like money, jewelry, medicines and even small guns.

They are daily overlooked devices by thieves as they are placed in common places within the house.

These safes are built into food and beverage cans, books, electrical wall outlets, liquid and powder cleaning products, paint cans, candles, wall clocks, toilet paper rollers, hair brushes, closet lights, bread, garden stones, garden sprinklers and several spray body care cans.

Most of them are easily portable if you are travelling.

Can safes look like regular products, but they hide your valuables in plain sight, try to place them next to similar real products in their regular place.

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Secret Can & Bottle Diversion Safe Reviews (Hide Cash & Drugs, etc) ***PART 2***

Part 2 (Secret Soda Can & Water Bottle Safes). How to hide money & cash secretly from anyone! I like these safes a lot if for nothing else is that they are so damn realistic & mobile! Piece of advice...a lot of police and law enforcement are hip to these diversion safes.

You can buy these on Amazon at the following links:

Engine Degreaser Diversion Safe:

Ajax Diversion Safe:

Aquafina water bottle diversion safe:

Dr Pepper Diversion Safe:

Pepsi Bottle Diversion Safe:

Be sure to watch Part 1 (Secret Dictionary Book Safe) can be seen at the following link:




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