Drop Slots

Drop slot, known also as day deposit safes are safes with a particular function. They allow to deposit items inside it without opening the whole safe.
The idea is similar to a post box where everyone can put things in but only the box owner is capable to take them out.

These safes are typically used to store cash and documents during the business journey by petrol stations, shops, restaurants and even banks.
It is very convenient to keep these valuables safe during the day without opening the safe at all.
Some jewelry stores also benefit from the drop slot safes using it at the end of the day when taking off the jewelry from the display windows directly to the safe without opening it.

Anti-fish plate in quality safes is a mechanism that prevents from pulling the content though the slot. The only way to take out the content is by opening the safe door.
Quality safes offer several lock and unlock options such as key lock, combination or electronic keypad access, dual lock and sophisticated biometric recognition.

It is advised to bolt the safe to the floor or to a secure structure to prevent thieves from taking the unit.
Another important quality feature is being the safe waterproof and fireproof however this attributes reflect in the final price.

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WC-02K Heavy Duty Drop Safe w/ Dual Key Lock

•Heavy duty construction with highest security for its size
•Dual (safe deposit) key lock
•One manager (Guard) key & two user keys
•Spring loaded re-locker
•Constructed from heavy gauge steel
•Door is constructed from 1/2" thk. solid steel plate
•Saw-toothed baffle to protect slot.
•Four, pre-drilled mounting holes on bottom of safe.
•Includes mounting hardware.