Gun Safes

Gun ownership implies the responsibility of keeping it secure, preventing unwanted users to reach it.

A high quality gun safe is part of the solution and placing it in the right location complements it.

Three major factors you should consider: safe size and weight, wall thickness and locking options.
Minor factors to consider would be location and installation, waterproof or resistant and fireproof or resistant.

Safe size and weight: You should thing about your present needs and your future needs as well, if you plan to own more or different guns or rifles, the time to decide about size is now.
Safe weight is also important and you should think about the possibility of being robbed the whole safe with your guns inside. Please be aware that a heavier safe will increase costs of transportation and installation.

Safe wall thickness: Very simple to explain, the more thick and strength, the better.

Locking options: It will not be wise to buy a heavy safe with thick walls and a cheap locker, and the opposite as well, meaning a cheap safe with a sophisticated locker.
A rotary combination dial lock is a reliable solution however you could find a second option, as key locker or a biometric identity system as an add-on to the dial lock.

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