Lock Boxes

Lock BoxesA Lock Box is a relatively small container with a lock, in most cases with a combination lock.
There are many uses for this kind of box, for businesses and homes as well.

Real estate companies make use of lock boxes in order to keep organized and secured a large number of keys.
Car dealers or large offices are also good clients of this solution.

People use to own such a box as it is very convenient to have a secured place to hold medicines, some cash or documents.

Residential houses install lock boxes with a combination key to allow family members or friends that need to enter when nobody is at home.

A very important feature is having a lock box installed outside the house and allowing firefighters to have access to the house in case of an emergency event.

The evolving industry of web apps reached also the safes industry, producing apps with ability to open safes and boxes with a smartphone signal.

Finally, it is important to mention the convenience of a lock box regarding their cost effective benefits, lots of them for a relatively low cost acquisition.

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Lock Boxes


Hornady Security Safes and Lock Boxes Overview

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